Grab the Popcorn: I’m obsessed with Quentin Tarantino

Finally I got to see Django Unchained, and wow it renewed my love for Tarantino ten times over. Tarantino famous for his non-linear storylines and graphic yet aesthetic scenes of violence has indeed created another movie to be remembered. Though Django was a linear storyline, unlike most of Tarantino’s other infamous movies such as Pulp Fiction, Tarantino’s aesthetic sensibilities shine through with beautiful cinematography, gorgeous costumes, and his signature usage of unexpected music and quirky text that contrasts the historical setting.

Tarantino is a master of dialogue and continually coins funny and badass quotable phrases, and Django is no exception…one of the best and most memorable quotes, “I like the way you die boy,” stated by Django himself; a true badass who is a perfect example of the excellent characters, you either love or love to hate, that Tarantino creates. Overall, this movie is superb one of the best I’ve seen in awhile and from an artistic eye every detail, every frame is meticulously considered. Of course, in similar Tarantino fashion the movie posters for Django are fabulous as well.




Let’s take a jog down memory lane and look at some of Tarantino’s artfully composed film stills, glorious movie posters, and iconic text to remember why we love Quentin Tarantino.



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