I’m loco for aricoco…

I first encountered the work of contemporary textile artist aricoco (Ari Tabei) during a visit to the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia where she was in residence. Her work is utterly amazing; from its laborious handmade construction to the unique use of materials. The garments she creates and performs in are deeply personal and are tied to her phobias, childhood experiences, and to Japanese culture. I highly recommend watching the videos of her performances to gain the full experience and see these beautiful materials in action. Videos of her performances can be found on her website.


Dress For Today # 2, fabric scraps/Performance for video, 2007

“I make garments and bags to create nests that are like my own home. These function as cocoons for me, to heal and nourish myself so that I regain strength to survive in an ever-changing world”


Dress For Today #3, Felt, Flour/ Performance for video, 2007


Dress For Today #1, latex/Performance for video, 2007

“I package my body to be disconnected from reality, but also to tie myself to it.”


Unhappy Campers 1, mixed media/Performance for video, 2010  {aricoco}Image

RUNawayHOME, mixed media/ Performance for video, 2011  {MAD Museum}


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