A way of seeing: Uta Barth

Contemporary photographer Uta Barth investigates visual perception, and explores the differences between the reality we see and how the camera records it. Her minimal photographs approach the question of seeing in multiple ways; some photographs are blurred into beautiful soft shapes and colors, others are almost empty scenes that focus on subtleties of light, and her most recent works use saturated color and repetition to further question our perceived reality versus the actual.


Ground #56, Color coupler print. 1995.

Barth born in Germany and currently living and working in Los Angeles, California is a 2012 MacArthur Fellow and a recipient of the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship (2004-05). Her documentary photos of the mundane are undeniably gorgeous in their simplicity. Her series of blurred photographs feel eerie and ghostlike, like a fading memory or a dream. Blank walls and stark rooms have a transitory nature; as if the viewer has just glanced in that direction and is about to turn away. The conceptual investigations both literal and metaphorical that Barth has undertaken are extremely interesting and add another layer of content to these stunning works of art as she continues to question our way of seeing.


Field #14, color photograph on panel, 1996


Field # 9, color photograph on pane, 1995


Ground #42, Chromogenic print on panel, 1994


Ground # 38, Ektacolor print on panel, Edition of 8, 1994


Untitled (act 4) from…and of time, diptych, framed color photographs, 2000


2006.3, mounted photographs on panel, 2006


White blind (bright red) (02.13), mounted archival pigment photographs, 2002


Untitled (02.7), mounted archival pigment photographs, 2002

{tanya bonakdra gallery}

{GLASSTIRE: visual art in Texas}

{Whitney Museum}

{Sies + Höke}


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