Down the Rabbit Hole: The surreal paintings of Sascha Braunig

Figures immersed in optical patterns fuse together as one in the fantastically bizarre paintings of Sascha Braunig, and in others an eerie glow of colored light falls over what may, or may not be a human being. The eye catching color palettes and uncanny imagery within Braunig’s paintings represent a brilliant unification of traditional figure painting, surrealism, and op-art leaving the viewer continually questioning what they are in fact seeing. The figures depicted amongst decorative patterns with baroque adornments and wavy growths instead of heads appear otherworldly. Though these beings are in some ways disturbing, I find myself utterly encapsulated by the realism and opticality of these paintings.

Sascha Braunig originally from British Columbia, Canada currently works in Portland, ME. I am fortunate enough to have her as one of my painting professors; and I would have to say seeing her work in the flesh is utterly amazing; the pristine surfaces adorned with luscious color and pattern are exquisite. So, if you are in New York be sure to check out her second solo exhibition at Foxy Production entitled Wrister, Blister, Plaster on view until February 9, 2013; also listed for top five shows: Jan 17 – 23 in TimeOut New York.


Prop, oil on canvas, 2012


Ponytail, oil on canvas over panel, 2012


Nets, gouache and acryla-gouache on paper, 2012


Fister, oil on canvas, 2012


Record High, oil on linen over panel, 2012


Bossy Pins, oil on canvas, 2012


Untitled, gouache-acryla on paper, wood frame


Strange Maine, oil on canvas, 2012


Wrist Painter, oil on canvas, 2012


Sticks Together, oil on canvas 2012


Goldwarp, oil on canvas 2010


Chameleon, oil on linen, 2011

{Foxy Production}

{Sascha Brauning}


One comment on “Down the Rabbit Hole: The surreal paintings of Sascha Braunig

  1. Amazing work, you’ve made a truly interesting zine/blog. We are look forward to receiving it. You have amazed us with the quality, diversity , sheer volume, and thought. Very proud, Love Sue and Dad.

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