I Heart Art

Following with the Valentines Day theme, this post is just about as corny as this holiday… here is a roundup of some romantic artworks throughout art history. Though not all of these artworks are really about love per se; for all intents and purposes of this valentine themed post they are included for their valentine-esque aesthetics. So let this art ignite your inner passions and get cozy with your significant other…here’s to LOVING ART!


Roy Lichtenstein, The Kiss, 1962, oil on canvas


Andy Warhol, Lips (Stamped), 1950s, ink and Dr. Martin’s Aniline dye on Strathmore paper


Jeff Koons, Jeff and Ilona, 1991


Robert Indiana, Love sculpture, 2006


Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907-08, oil and gold leaf on canvas


Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Happy Lovers, 1760-65, oil on canvas


Laurie Simmons, Walking Petit Four, 1990-91, Lithograph, four colors


Janine Antoni, part of Gnaw, 1992, chocolate, lard, readymade lipstick containers


Tracey Emin, More Passion, 2010, neon light


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