Today’s Muse: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

With the Pre-Raphaelites on my mind, Today’s Muse is Rossetti’s painting of a decadently dressed damsel. Of the Pre-Raphaelites, Rossetti in particular, is best know for his portraits of longhaired beauties with plump lips and empty eyes. What would one wear if they wanted to emulate this Pre-Raphaelite stunner? Continue reading to find out!

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, "Monna Vanna," 1866, Oil on canvas
Dante Gabriel Rossetti, “Monna Vanna,” 1866, Oil on canvas

Inspired by Monna Vanna’s lavish dress of golden brocade accentuated with coral beads and pheasant feathers, this contemporary look reinterprets the gold, red, and green color palette as well as the many opulent accessories. Wearing this you too can look like a painter’s muse…

Golden Girl


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