out with the old and in with the new

Apologies all around for my somewhat unexcused absence, but these last two months have been rather chaotic to say the least. With graduation, job hunting, a part-time internship, and moving into a new apartment my time has unfortunately gotten away from me…and now with no internet at my new apartment writing has become nearly impossible. So, I decided to slip away for an hour or so to my old apartment, which is in shambles while my roommates and I move out, to write a little and try to revive my online presence…



When searching for photos for this rambling post, (there is a lack of “Uhaul” art) I stumbled across this amusing painting of an oversized moving truck. It illustrates my life right now perfectly, not only does it represent, literally, my action of moving, but its ridiculous size represents the overwhelming amount of stuff I have accumulated over these past years and also metaphorically represents the overwhelming feelings of stress, excitement, and uneasiness I feel as I attempt to “make it” in the “real world.” The drippy, grime colored paint would no doubt then represent the blood, sweat, and tears of moving heavy furniture during an unseasonably warm weekend in Portland, Maine. But now that mostly everything has made its way into my new, smaller, one bedroom apartment I have had nothing else on my mind but methods of organization, and I begin to wonder how I can turn an apartment that looks somewhat like Rachel Whiteread’s installation Embankment at the Tate Modern into something more like Andrea Zittel’s modular workspaces?

Rachel Whiteread, "Embankment"
“Now which box did I put that in?”
Andrea Zittel
Andrea Zittel

I literally sigh when I look at Zittel’s little homes, to me living this simply and minimally is a romantic notion that I could only dream about. However, since I doubt I can downsize this drastically due to the sheer volume of art supplies I own, my dreams and wishes turn toward something practical aka ART STORAGE!



I truly envy this guy…this storage system is exactly what I need in my dining room turned studio space. As I’m sure many of you know moving into a new home whether it’s down the street or across the country is a TON of work and, if you will excuse my language, a huge pain in the ass. On the bright side moving forces me to reconsider all of my belongings, expel extraneous things and organize everything. If only it was quick and easy and I could pick up and move as fast as Do-Ho Suh could with his tent-like home.

Do-Ho Suh
Do-Ho Suh

Anyways, as I gather the scattered pieces of my life and put them in order, I promise you shall hear from me with more frequency and regularity (and once I have the internet installed), but for now I’ll be at my new home trying to make it nice and sweet. With the weekend fast approaching you too should take some time to make your home into “Home Sweet Home;” hang some art on the walls or stop procrastinating and finish that never ending “To-Do” project. Ta ta for now. -Lydia





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