Today’s Muse: Daniel Buren-No stars, just stripes

He may be a star but, French artist Daniel Buren uses just stripes. Stripes are indeed my favorite pattern. Always a classic, stripes remind me of everything I love: sailing, beach cabanas and umbrellas, beach balls, French cafés, lollipops and candy canes, nautical clothing, zebras and so on. Stripes are a perfect summer pattern, but I have to say they are perfect anytime of year and everything from dresses to duvet covers look better in stripes!  Buren definitely recognized the power and appeal of this classic pattern as he has built a large body of work and long lasting career from his early “stripe” paintings and installations. Though stripes have an orderly aesthetic appeal, Buren’s work is more complex. Buren used contrasting maxi stripes as a way to draw attention to architecture, by merging the visual surface and the architectural space. Continue reading to see a wearable version of Daniel Buren’s famous stripes!
Murs de peintures, 1966-77
Murs de peintures, 1966-77


No stars, just stripes


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