What’s Love? A quirky valentines day roundup

Valentines Day. Some love it, some hate it, and others just don’t give a damn.

So what is love? I don’t want to, so I’m not going to, try to answer this unanswerable question, because love is an intangible thing that everyone feels, but experiences differently throughout their entire lives…however I will present to you via beautiful, clever, quirky, and just plain nice handmade gifts (yes I am totally playing into the commercial/consumerism nature of valentines day, condemn me now) a few different kinds of love. So here it is, a roundup of lovely gifts for your lover or your friend; new or old, near or far, naughty or nice, for better or for worse.

Old fashioned Romance: for those classic lovers

1. A piece of me (literally)…”Custom Hair Wedding Rings,” by Ricksonjewellry

2. Where we first met…”Custom Silhouette Portrait,” by jennyleefowler

3.  I need you like a heart needs a beat…”My Devils Heart is White as Bone,” brass and heart cameo locket with solid perfume or cologne, by pixxiepieandposie


Nice and Naughty: for those with a sense of humor

4. Fulfilling fantasies…”Retro Cufflinks in Pin Up Girl,” by dandandesigns

5. Wink, wink…”Something on Your Mind,” naughty Valentines day card by GreyLetterPress

6. Sexy Secrets…”Good Lovers Lie,” illustration by Kaye Blegvad for NYT article on Love and Lying. her etsy shop

Long Distance Lovers: for those far far away

7. Postal Passion…”Love is in the Air,” printable paper airplane valentines/anniversary card by oingeshop

8. Love letters…”Envelope Locket Necklace with Custom Engraved Letter Inside,” by pumpkinseedjewelry

9. Ain’t no river wide enough, To keep me from getting to you babe…Customizable “Long Distance Love Card,” by WeGoTogetherLike

Fondness for Foodie: for those who eat together, stay together

1o. Spice things up..”mid-century inspired kitchen art print,” by handz

11. Palatable pleasures…”Love Cake,” tattoo art coasters by MrCurtisDesigns

12. Love is brewing…”Personalized Mug,” by MeriwetherOfMontana

Love Stinks, yeah, yeah: for those who just broke up and are still bitter

13. Dangerous liaisons…”Love Kills,” pin by theblksmith

14. The fires of love…”Literary Lites: Anti-Valentines Day Matchbook,” by dippylulu

15. Thanks for the reminder…not…”Anti-Valentines Day card” by tattoosloveletters

Sassy and Single: for those who fly solo for a reason

16. For the maneater…”Ms. Betty’s Original Bad Ass Bitch Soy Candle,” by BadAssCandles

17. I’d rather hangout with my cat… “Custom Portraits,” by lilidiprima

18. Don’t let a man define you…”Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date, by Katie Heaney, available here

Love…From the Comforts of Home: for those who just love to stay in

19. Living room love…”I Heart You Pouf,” ottoman by TinyToastShop

20. Making a house a home…”My Home is You,” printable poster, by DeersAndPears

21. Bathroom bliss…”Rose and Cedarwood Bath & Body Oil and Rose Sandalwood Beeswax Candle,” by AzizLightApothecary

xoxo happy valentines day!


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