Today’s Muse: Henri Matisse

Though it seems that spring will never arrive this year on the east coast, the feeling of warm sun on bare skin is but a dream, as we awake to grey and snowy skies day after day. The other day it reached a staggering 45 degrees here in Portland, ME; allowing for one less sweater to be worn, thus instilling a glimmer of hope that warmer weather will return to this frozen land…at some point. Today however is another story… 8 degrees, despite the deceptively sunny skies. And though there is a bit more waiting to do, and probably another snowstorm coming, I decided to think of spring and summer in Today’s Muse which features this wonderfully cheerful still life painting of flowers and fruit by Henri Matisse.


"Anemones in an Earthenware Vase," 1924, oil on canvas
“Anemones in an Earthenware Vase,” 1924, oil on canvas

With a playful mix patterns and a rich color palette of emerald green, terracotta red, burnt orange, shimmering gold with accents of plum purple and sunny yellow; this tablescape inspired by Matisse’s still life is all you need banish the winter blues for good.

Summer Soiree



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