Happy Earth Day!

The natural world around us has been a source of inspiration for artists since the man’s first artistic inclinations. Today we celebrate Earth Day and (hopefully) reflect upon our environmental impact and try to make a positive change whether it be recycling more, abstaining from littering, or reducing pollution by riding a bike. Though many artists love the environment and often use it as a source of inspiration or reference, for instance landscape painters, they (myself included) are guilty of contributing copious amounts of waste (some even toxic like oil paints and solvents) to landfills every year. So instead of featuring paintings or sculptures, or drawings of the flora and fauna of our wonderful world, here is a round-up of environmentally conscious artwork.

keep reading to see some amazingly beautiful and inspiring artworks that draw your attention to both the beauty, fragility, and importance of the environment and the earth. Happy Earth Day – get outside!




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